Freshman Model Squad FAQ


*Who is the program open to?

-The Model Squad program is open to High School FRESHMAN girls and guys. 

*What is the difference between the Rockstar Rep program and the Model Squad Program?

-The Rockstar Rep program is our main rep program that runs for an entire year and is open to high school Juniors. The Freshman Model Squad program was created to give younger high schoolers a taste of what the main program is. 

*What is the purpose of the Model Squad Program?

-The purpose of the program is to give an opportunity to freshman to build an awesome set of images and to get a taste of what our main program (Rockstar Reps for Juniors) is all about.  We are looking for fun, personable, high school girls and guys with a certain love for being in front of the camera! If you don't enjoy having your picture taken, this may not be the opportunity for you. The bigger your personality and the more you like to express yourself though style and wardrobe, the better suited you are for the program.  Your benefits include; frequent photo shoots, beautifully retouched digital images with printing rights from each session, YOUR face in our marketing and advertising, and the chance to make new friends, MASSIVE savings if you were booking your rep sessions are regular mini sessions, and a chance to grow your confidence and creativity in a safe and fun environment.   Our reps this year have loved the program and we know you will too!!

*How exclusive are the programs, does everyone who applies get accepted?

-Not everyone who applies will be accepted, space is VERY LIMITED and we are only looking for 5 kids for the 2019 team. We are looking for kids who are active both on social media and in their schools and communities. We love kids who have self-respect and don't post images on social media that would embarrass themselves or their families later on. Our program is known for being awesome but serious about having kids with a high personal integrity and values. WHO you are is ALWAYS more important than what you look like. 

*Are the shoots mandatory if I don't like the theme?

-It is expected that you will participate in all of your scheduled shoots, but if you cannot make a shoot I only ask that you let me know in advance. Reshoots are NOT permitted if you miss a shoot. 

*What are the participation rules?

-We have a contract we will go over at our Open House. The rules are very basic and help us run a program that has high integrity. 

*Is hair and makeup included in our sessions?

-Makeup and hair are NOT included but may be added on to some session when time permits but only with a reservation ahead of time. You may schedule hair and makeup at the start of the program for all sessions or just selected sessions, or if you are comfortable doing your own hair and makeup, you may do your own. 

*Am I able to quit the program if I don't like it?

-Yes. If it just isn't your cup of tea, you may leave the program at any time with a written letter stating you no longer wish to participate. Refunds will not be given. 

*I have a busy schedule, how often will I need to attend an event or session? If I miss a shoot, can I make it up on another day?

-We will give you a schedule for the year at open house. If you cannot make a shoot, you will not have an opportunity to makeup the shoot. With reps on two teams and juggling schedules, it becomes nearly impossible to accommodate multiple reps needing alternative dates.

*When do I need to commit to the program?

-Our scheduled open house will give you all the information you need to make your final decision. A parent MUST attend with you. We will invite more students to the open house than we have space for in the program so that we can get to know everyone better before making the final decisions on our end. An invitation will be sent to anyone who we think will make a great Model Squad member within a day or two after the open house, and then we will need to know your decision within 48 hours. If you are invited to join the program but do not get back with the studio in the allotted time, we will move on to the next person on the list and you may lose your opportunity. 

*Do I need my parent's permission and do my parents have to be involved?


*I love photography, is this a program where I can learn more about photography or get help starting my photography business? 

-Our program is so many things but it is not a photography mentorship. We do reserve the right to decline budding photographers (though we encourage you to keep up on your craft!!!) and photographer's children or family members, due to a conflict of interest, thank you for understanding! 

*Do you have to have perfect skin or look a certain way to be selected?

-Absolutely NOT!!! We want girls and guys of all ethnicities and looks in our program! We believe that real beauty comes from the inside out. Our program is open to absolutely every one that would like to apply, regardless of age, physical limitations, or appearance, and we can't wait to hear from you!!! 

*Are there any hidden fees?

-No. The fees are listed below and there are no additional fees.

*How much will I need to spend on wardrobe and accessories for these shoots?

-Hopefully very little or nothing at all. The goal is for you to borrow things you don't have but need or thrift! We prefer that you don't go out and spend a ton of money on your rep/model wardrobe. 

*Can I apply after the application period?

-No. Applications will only be accepted until October 30th unless we have enough great applications before then to fill the team, at which time we will pull the application down. 

*When Will I know that I've been accepted?

-You'll be sent an invitation for open house no later than 11/5/18 if your application appears to be what we are looking for. For those who attend, Open House will take place on November 17th at 1:30pm. Once open house is over, we will notify you with an invitation within 48 hours if you are selected for either program. 

*What are reasons applicants get declined?

-This is a GREAT question. If you are not active on social media, we will more than likely skip over your application. The purpose of the program is to promote our studio on social media so if you aren't active, it can't work. If you ARE active on social media but have pictures with activities such as drinking, smoking, other illegal activities, or are consistently positing images that we deem are too provocative for students who will potentially represent our studio, we will most likely decline. Social media is huge, employers and people with opportunities for you are always going check up, are you putting the best version of yourself online?

Another reason why we may not invite you to open house is if your schedule appears to be too busy or there is any other conflict that we cannot work around. 

*Why do you need my social media links?

-See above, "What are reasons applicants get declined," that should give you the picture ;) 


Includes 3 Group Mini Shoots with 3 fully retouched images PER SHOOT plus one group shoot downtown Monroe that will include 10 fully retouched images per Model. SHOOT THEMES WILL BE COVERED AT OPEN HOUSE! All info will be covered at Open House, prior to you making any commitments to the program. 

*Parents, please allow students to fill out the application. Applications filled out by a parent will not be considered.

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